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Types of Platform Lifts

General Lift Information

  • NBS Specifications

    NBS Specifications

    An accurate specification is crucial for the success of a building project, and an important part of the initial planning and design processes. A comprehensive specification can improve project efficiency and delivery. Here at Invalifts, we use the NBS master specification system to create up-to-date specifications.

  • MC2000 BREEAM Statement

    MC2000 BREEAM Statement


    The following information is provided to assist in the formulation of the BREEAM assessment:

    First impact/ production:

    There are no hazardous materials used in the production of the unit. The unit has been manufactured for over 15 years with technological advances being incorporated into the unit.


    Installation does not impact the environment. Power consumption is low as battery power tools are used. Noise level pollution is also very low due to the small length of time involved in the installation and the type of tools required. We send approximately 89% of the packing crate back to the factory for recycling.


    During the commissioning process no excessive power is required and there are no emissions.


    Lighting – power consumption is reduced by the use of LED`s and timed shut downs on the main lights.

    Power – The power source is from a 240V 0.55KW synchronised electric motor. The motor only draws electricity when travelling in the up direction. The normal running current is 3.2 Amps. The unit has the ability to go into a dormant state after a defined interval following use. The motor uses substantially less power in the downward direction due to the motor regenerating power.

    Consumables – the only ongoing consumables are lubricating oils and basic cleaning products.

    Emissions – the unit does not produce any harmful emissions during its use.

    Maintenance and fault finding:

    The unit has a built in fault diagnostic system in each landing push station and indicates the fault by a sequence of flashing LED lights which determines the fault with the lift. The microprocessor also has a built in diagnostic system which monitors and protects incoming and outgoing voltages and signals.   These systems speed up the fault finding and help the maintenance process.

    End of service:

    As the unit is self contained within its own shaft it can be re sited with very low impact on the environment. If the unit is to be scrapped, a large amount of the unit is recyclable as it consists of steel. Other parts can be used again such as LED lights, the platform, microprocessor, motor, inverter and push buttons.

    Life Span:

    In normal usage situations the life expectancy of the major components is at least 15 years. The overall cost of ownership is very low over the products life.

  • Disabled Lifts

    Disabled Lifts

    Here at Invalifts, we specialise in providing access solutions for people with disabilities. Our range of lifts for the disabled are the perfect solution to resolve any disabled person’s difficulties, making them feel safe, secure and comfortable whilst operating or travelling in and around buildings.

    We offer solutions for both home and business, so if you’re an individual who would like to find an alternative to climbing the stairs, create access in your property, or perhaps you own a business that is visited by people with a range of disabilities, then we have a disabled lift solution for you.

    Our range of lifts on offer for the disabled meets the Part M of building regulations and the requirements of the Equality Act 2010. Our expert and friendly team will deliver and install your product in a matter of days – making your property fully accessible for people of all abilities.

    Our lifts come with a range of varying options, including:

    • Colour options
    • Different platform sizes
    • Control options, including key card control
    • Intercom
    • Power operated and fire rated doors
    • Tinted glazing

    These are just a few of the available options for our different products, to find out more, browse our selection of lifts or contact our friendly team.

    Our platform lift products cover a wide range of solutions:

    • The MC2000 platform lift which can serve up to 6 levels, covering 15 metres of travel and can transport up to 6 people. Installation is quick, hassle free and there are many available options to choose from, including; glazing, platform sizes, automatic doors, key switch operation, intercom, handrail, handles and much more.
    • The Inva StairRiser Wheelchair Stair Lift is a slim line, elegant, inclined platform lift, which can transport a wheelchair and passenger up a straight or curved staircase. The lift has a capacity of 300kg and comes with stainless steel rails. There are many extra options available.

    Why choose Invalifts?

    • We have disabled lift products for all people and every situation.
    • We are specialists in lifts which can be retrofitted into any building, with many of them being able to fit into a small floor area, requiring minimal building work.
    • A proficient installation service which only takes a few days to complete.
    • We’re passionate about delivering high quality products and superb customer service.

    We offer friendly expert advice and are happy to provide a no-obligation survey and quote. Here at Invalifts, we also offer on-going lift servicing to protect your investment for years to come. Please call us on 01827 438 797 to find out more or fill in our online form for your free quote.

  • Wheelchair Platform Lift Stair Lift from Invalifts

    Wheelchair Platform Lift Stair Lift from Invalifts

    One of our specialities at Invalifts, is the installation and servicing of the wheelchair stair lift. The wheelchair stair platform lift provides many establishments with the perfect solution to the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act without major structural changes. Access into many buildings is restricted by a flight of steps, the wheelchair stair lift can provide disability access into the building in these situations.

    The option of having a curved wheelchair stair lift gives the added functionality of being able to park the platform away from the bottom/top of the stairs. This then enables clear access to the stairs allowing able bodied individuals to use the stairs while the wheelchair user safely exits the platform lift.

    Over the years we have found that every staircase is different and every wheelchair user requires a different configuration but the over riding principle that we use at Invalifts is that the wheelchair user must be safe  and must be comfortable. Our wheelchair stair lifts all come with soft start/stop and high quality safety barriers as standard. An optional third wheel barrier can also be fitted if required.


    Wheelchair Platform Lift and Wheelchair Stair Lift Specialists

    Our Inva StairRiser can be installed in both internal and external environments which makes it the perfect solution for entrance steps and changes in interior levels. The lift is fully Part M compliant with a platform size of 1250mm x 800mm (smaller sizes available). Its sleek design means that when folded it only stands 250mm from the wall making it aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive. The upper stainless steel rail has been designed so that it can be used as a handrail thereby making the whole installation an integral part of the building. The Inva StairRiser can be mounted on stanchions instead of wall mounting the unit thereby making it a very effective unit in areas where there is no supporting wall.

    We have installed wheelchair stair platform lifts throughout the UK in a number of different types of building, including churches, private residences, schools, care homes, listed buildings, hotels and retail units.

  • Access lifts are our speciality

    Access lifts are our speciality

    Access lifts is what we specialise in at Invalifts. Our access lifts offer access for all to many businesses, offices, schools and homes throughout the United Kingdom. The disabled access we provide offers compliance with the Disability Discrimination act and the chance for people to stay in their existing homes without the need to move.

    We have a great range of access lifts for many different situations. We offer great service with all of our carefully chosen product range. Most of our access lifts require little building works and we have a range of access lifts which are designed to fit in existing buildings with ease.

    Our most popular lifts are the MC2000 Platform Lift, which is a high quality enclosed platform lift, serving up to 6 levels and 13 metres of travel. We also offer the M6000 passenger lift which is a small footprint, space-efficient passenger lift designed to be used in existing buildings. Whatever platform lift you choose, you can be assured of our friendly service and helpful advice right through the whole process of working with Invalifts.

    We have installed access lifts throughout the country in many different types of building, including churches, homes, schools, care homes, listed buildings, hotels and shops.

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