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On both occasions we have worked with Invalifts, the work has been carried out professionally and efficiently. From the outset to completion a fantastic job.

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Large Capacity Platform Lift

Our large capacity platform lift is design with a platform size of up to 1400mm wide X 2500mm long and an uprated load capacity of 1000Kg, making this large capacity platform lift suitable to take hospital beds, powered wheelchairs and a range of light good application. Landing doors can be fully glazed, steel with an infill panel or 1 hour fire rated depending on the location and landing entrance on be on any of the 3 non machine drive sides, making this a very flexible option for moving light goods, beds or light cargo.

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  • Standard Features
    • 1000Kg capacity
    • High back platform
    • 1300mm wide landing doors (based on a 1400mm wide platform)
    • 415v, 3 phase, 20amp power requirements
    • Minimum headroom at upper landing of 2250mm
    • Manuals wing landing doors
    • Optional Features
      • Automatic door openers
      • Fire rated doors (1000mm or 1200mm door widths only)
      • Key control
      • Glass shaft panels
      • Energy saving Automatic LED shaft lighting
      • Emergency battery lowering
      • Level indicators
      • Telephone or Autodialler
      • Shaft panels finished to alternative RAL colour of customer choice
    • Dimensions

      Available in 3 standard platform sizes:

      • 1400mm wide x 2500mm long (footprint of 1860mm x 2610mm)
      • 1400mm wide x 2000mm long (footprint of 1860mm x 2110mm)
      • 1100mm wide x 2200mm long (footprint of 1560mm x 2310mm)
      • (Class III Health Care sizes)
      • 1000mm or 1300mm wide entrances with a height of 2000mm.
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    Large Capacity Platform Lifts

    Introducing the Inva SD1000, the first platform lift of it’s kind, offering increased capacity, better accessibility and a robust and reliable design.The INVA SD1000 is designed with the flexibility to fulfil individual requirements and fit in to both new and existing buildings serving up to 6 different levels and a maximum travel of 13m.

    We offer a range of platform sizes, for options within healthcare, retail facilities, schools and other venues, both new and existing, that may need to accommodate larger or heavier loads. The increased platform size is complimented by the option of having landing doors that measure up to 1300mm wide, allowing for increased access to the platform for loads such as large goods, beds and larger powered wheelchairs.

    The SD1000 large capacity lift complies with Class III Health Care regulatory sizes, making it the ideal solution for transporting beds and their attendants in care homes and similar care facilities. To assist with entering and exiting the lift, there is the option of a hold open facility, which makes transporting larger, more challenging loads a lot easier.

    All of this, added to the benefits of only 110mm recess in the lower floor and no requirement for a structural wall shaft, but will require 1 structural wall, really makes the SD1000 the most flexible and cost effective vertical platform lift on the market.


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