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Wheelchair Stair Lift

A wheelchair stair lift is designed to take a person in a wheelchair between two different levels over an existing staircase. The advantage of a wheelchair stair lift is that it can be folded away after use. This allows for clear access to the existing staircase at all times. Load capacity, usable platform space and the ability to fold a wheelchair stair lift away after use are the most important considerations when choosing the correct product for your project.

At Invalifts, we are proud to offer a 300kg capacity wheelchair stair lift with a usable platform size of 800mm wide X 1250mm long. (As with almost all of our product range, we have a variety of alternative platform sizes depending on your available space.) If you wish to discuss your potential options in further details, please contact a member of our team today via the contact form


  • Standard Features
    • 300 kg capacity
    • 800mm wide x 1250mm long (Part M compliant) platform or 800mm wide x 1000mm long
    • Internal or external application
    • Minimum clear width of 990mm wide required
    • 250mm wall mounted folded width
    • Stainless steel rail which can be used as a dry and clean handrail.
    • Wireless button at both landings
    • Barriers arms which fold under the platform when parked
    • Digital information display
    • Battery operated in normal use.

  • Optional Features
    • Stainless steel carriage, cover, barriers arms and floor
    • Special size platform sizes
    • Hand held wireless remote control
    • Fold down seat on carriage
    • Communication device
    • Alternative RAL colours to carriage
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  • Installation & Removals

    We have over 20 years of platform lift installation experience. What that has brought us is the knowledge, experience and expertise to complete platform lift installations efficiently and to the industry’s highest standard. 

    As part of the installation of a new platform lift, we can often offer a removal package to safely remove an old or non-functioning platform lift ready for the installation of one of our new platform lifts.

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Platform Stair Lift

The platform stair lift from Invalifts is a highly effective solution for facilities with accessibility issues. Specifically, our platform stair lift can improve access for wheelchair users between short and slightly longer flights of stairs. Suitable for internal or external applications, a platform stair lift installation by us is no different than any other in that we offer the opportunity to incorporate additional features. From alternative carriage colours, our team can deliver tailored solutions that meet your facility’s unique requirements. 



  • What is meant by an inclined platform lift?

    This refers to a wheelchair platform lift that does not travel vertically. This type of unit follows a gradient or a flight of steps. An example would be our Inva Stair Riser lift.

  • What types of wheelchair lifts are there?

    Wheelchair stair lifts come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the intended use, there are different options for each. Wheelchair stair lifts, usually called inclined platform lifts, work using a platform following the shape and curve of the stairs. We have a wide range of lift solutions available so speak to our experts today.

  • How long does it take to install a wheelchair stair lift?

    The time it takes to install a wheelchair stair lift depends on which option has been chosen. Our fully qualified and experienced engineers can usually install a lift as quick as 1 day, but for more complex structures it can take a few more days. The planning and manufacturing process however can take a few weeks prior to the actual installation of the lift.

  • How much does a stair lift cost to run? Will my electricity bills increase?

    Installing and running a platform lift or stair lift sounds costly! However, once the lift is installed the running costs are relatively low due to our lifts being energy efficient. On average, depending on the amount the lift is used it costs under £10 a year to run.

  • Does the wheelchair stair lift have a battery backup in case of a power cut?

    Yes, all of our lifts are installed with a safety feature that lowers the lift back to the ground safely should there happen to be a power cut or an emergency.

  • I have a complicated stair case, will the stair lift fit?

    Yes, our Inva StairRiser Wheelchair Stair Lift is a slim line inclined platform lift that can transport wheelchairs or a passenger up a straight of curved staircase. This lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, meaning it is perfect for those with a complicated staircase. Contact our installation experts for more information.


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