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I am pleased to report that the lift is working well and the disabled church members appreciate its installation

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Cabin Lifts

The Inva Commercal cabin lift has a standard cabin of 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep with traditional automatic telescoping landing doors on both the cabin and each landing. Ideal for both public and commercial buildings, the Inva Commercial cabin lift has been designed with simplicity in mind. The Cabin lift looks and operates in the same way as a traditional passenger lift with one touch buttons in the cabin and on each landing and has a fully enclose cabin with automatic telescopic sliding landing and cabin doors. This all comes without the requirement for a machine room, substantial pit and headroom as required by a traditional passenger lift.

The Inva Commercial cabin lift has a standard internal cabin of 1100mm wide x 1400mm X 2000mm high, which requires a clear internal shaft of 1540mm wide x 1700mm deep. The cabin itself comes with a choice of 4 cabin wall finishes. The standard finishes include grey, beige, blue and red but extend to optional RAL colours as well as satin stainless steel and Classic maple and Cherry wood. The automatic telescopic landing and cabin doors also come in a range of different finishes including stainless steel effect and include the option for 1 hour fire rated landing doors.

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  • Standard Features
    • 400Kg capacity
    • Internal cabin size of 1100mm wide X 1400mm deep X 2000mm high
    • One touch button in cabin and on each landing
    • 2 speed automatic telescoping landing and cabin doors
    • Landing floor indicate
    • Voice Announcer
    • Rated speed 0.15m/s
    • Cabin handrails
    • Alarm button on COP
    • Cabin lighting
    • Mirror to cabin
    • Grey stud anti slip cabin flooring
  • Optional Features
    • A range of RAL and wood cabin finishes
    • 1 Hour fire rated landing doors
    • Patterned roof with lighting
    • Position indicators to landings
    • Auto dialler communication in cabin

Domestic Passenger Lift

COMMERCIAL passenger lifts

Ideally suited to be installed into a concrete or masonry shaft, the cabin lift can also be supplied in a supporting steel structure if the project can not provide a concrete or masonry shaft. The cabin lift is compliant to the machinery directive and has a capacity of 400Kg and operate at a contract speed of 0.15m/s, allowing the cabin lift to operate safely with a recess of only 120mm and a headroom above the upper landing of 2600mm. The Inva commercial cabin lift also has the flexibility to offer special cabin sizes to suit most existing shafts along with 3 panel telescopic landing doors and even single swing landing door for particularly small existing shafts.

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