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Commercial Platform Lifts

Here at Invalifts, our commercial platform lifts are renowned for their high-quality build that faultlessly meet and exceed our client’s expectations. The number of applications for commercial platform lifts is endless. From schools to hospitals, care homes, and industrial facilities, our lifts offer an effective accessibility solution for a competitive cost.

Our highly-skilled engineers have extensive experience installing and replacing commercial vertical platform lifts. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients and offering an all-encompassing accessibility solution. So, whether you need brand-new commercial vertical platform lifts or the removal and replacement of an old one, our team can help. 


  • Standard Features
    • Energy saving LED lighting in ceiling
    • 410kg / 5 persons capacity
    • Standard platform size of 1100mm wide X 1480mm long
    • Landing doors 900mm wide X 2000mm high (Alternative special size are available)
    • Hidden door closers
    • One touch call button on each landing
    • Emergency battery lowering with battery guard facility
    • Controller integral within enclosure
    • 240v frequency drive operation
    • Manual doors with self closers
    • Constant pressure tactile pushes
  • Optional Features
    • Glazing on 3 sides
    • Uprated 500kg Capacity
    • Special platform sizes
    • 1 Hour fire rated landing door and frame
    • One touch call button on each landing
    • Intelligent automatic doors
    • RAL colours
    • Key switch operation
    • School locking facility
    • Emergency intercom, auto dialler or GSM auto dialler
    • Braille pushes
    • Contrasting colour doors
  • Colours

    Our commercial lift can be painted  platform lift can be painted in any RAL colour from standard range.


    Whole lift painted in standard colour RAL 9016 (Traffic white)

    Full colour option:

    Whole lift finished in optional colour (Incl. shaft, doors and the panels under the destination panel.)

    Lift partially painted in different colours:

    • Lift walls/Shaft in one colour.
    • All door blades in one colour.
    • All door frames in one colour
    • Panels under the destination panel in one colour.
    • One of the above choices or a combination of them.
  • Common Colour Chart

    Common colours are at an additional cost to the standard RAL 9016.

  • Lift Platform

    The standard platform is delivered with a half-height wall including destination panel.

    Panels under the control panel are painted in RAL 9016 (white) as standard, but can be painted in any RAL colour as an option.

    Full Height Wall

    As an option the platform can be delivered with a full height wall 2100mm high with a mirror and integrated LED lighting. The full height wall is finished in RAL 9016 as standard, but can be painted in any standard RAL colour as an option.

    The full height wall is available on platforms of 1480mm long.

    The full height wall is not available for door heights of less than 2000mm or a half height gate.

  • Flooring

    Choose between the following options for vinyl, rubber and aluminum floorings. It is also possible to order the lift without a floor covering, which enables you to fit your own floor with a maximum of 3mm thickness.

    Note that aluminum flooring is not available for platform size 900 x 1040mm.

  • Control Panel

    The control panel is delivered with a light box, with an acrylic glass that is lit with LED light. The destination buttons, emergency stop button, alarm button, maximum weight and number of persons are all located on the control panel. Options such as auto dialler and landing directors can also be located on the control panel if required. Parts around the light box and aluminium panel are painted in grey, which give the impression of aluminium.

    The standard designation buttons are 32mm diameter and come with braille as standard. As an additional option the designation button can be increased to an extra-large 50mm diameter to provide enhanced accessibility.

  • Door Control

    The door control is either placed on the door frame of each landing door and/or remote from the lift for external control.

    Door control on door frame

    Door control placed on the door frame of the lift.

    For our platform lift there is always a place on the door frame for the faceplate.

    Call button

    The call button comes with a background lit frame which indicates the status of the lift.

    • Green light indicates that the lift is at your floor.
    • Lit only on the floor where the platform is at the moment.
    • Red light indicates that the lift is occupied.
    • The flashing light indicates that the safety circuit is broken, e.g. that the emergency button is pressed, the door is open on another floor for more than one minute, the door is blocked or the safety bar is pressed down. The flashing light can also be activated by a smoke alarm, more information is then available in the service memory.

    The same call button is used when the door control is placed on the door frame, remotely or as a radio controlled call button.

  • Installation & Removals

    We have over 20 years of platform lift installation experience. What that has brought us is the knowledge, experience and expertise to complete platform lift installations efficiently and to the industry’s highest standard. 

    As part of the installation of a new platform lift, we can often offer a removal package to safely remove an old or non-functioning platform lift ready for the installation of one of our new platform lifts.

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Commercial Wheelchair Lifts

Here at Invalifts, we specialise in the design, construction and delivery of high quality, access solutions, including commercial vertical platform lifts.  From hospitals to residential properties and industrial facilities, our commercial lifts are an effective transportation method for people or goods. Our vertical platform lifts are fully DDA compliant, as well as adhering to modern building regulations and health and safety stipulations.

You can be sure that the commercial wheelchair lifts are delivered and installed by our team are great quality and functionality whilst being fully compliant. If you wish to discuss our commercial wheelchair lifts range in greater detail, or how we can support your needs for vertical platform lifts, call us today on 01827 – 286860




    In a number of commercial applications, commercial lifts are not only important but integral. Broadly, they ensure operations within a facility can continue without interruption. You are likely to find this type of lift in a number of commercial settings, such as a retail centre, an office, a hotel, a hospital or a warehouse.

    They offer transportation assistance for goods or people, whilst also catering to those that would otherwise find the environment challenging because of mobility issues. In some facilities, such as an industrial site, they may also ensure compliance with regulations.

    Designed to support a facility, streamline operations and optimise efficiency, a high quality commercial lift is the backbone of many commercial and industrial environments.


    We understand that investing in a commercial lift is a big step, especially for smaller commercial or industrial facilities. This is made more daunting by the prospect of the lift breaking down or experiencing technical faults, which can be costly to repair.

    This is why we offer warranties of 5 or 10 years, as standard, across our entire range. We have complete confidence in our products, as all have been engineered to a leading standard and tested rigorously. As such, you can purchase one of our lifts with complete confidence in its ability to perform without fault.

    And should any complications occur, you are backed by our extended warranties.
    We aim to ensure our lifts are safe and reliable for years of constant use. See our warranty information booklet for more information about our warranties.


    A sudden breakdown can be challenging, especially if facility operations are reliant on the lift being operational. An out of use product in a retail environment, for example, can negatively impact revenue and customer satisfaction significantly. Thankfully, our team is always on hand to generate and deliver a solution.

    If your lift breaks down, all you need to do is contact us. We have a team of highly experienced and fully trained service engineers who can quickly diagnose and resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

    Across our varied commercial portfolio, we have supported clients through a wide range of technical and mechanical issues. As such, we are confident in our ability to resolve the problem regardless of the scale or complexity of the task.Whether you have a platform lift, a wheelchair stair lift, an external lift or anything in between, we will happily and quickly solve your problem.


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