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Church Lifts

Churches are a space where people congregate to build a community and practice their religion. As a communal area that is available to the public, accessibility should always be a top priority. Under the Equality Act, reasonable adjustments must be made in buildings for those with different abilities. Whether someone mobile via wheelchair or anyone with physical difficulties who find it challenging to travel alone. Fortunately, church lifts can meet this requirement faultlessly. 

Church lifts are advantageous for more than those who experience difficulties independently ascending stairs. They also help ease the challenges of those with certain conditions who need to rest for extended periods to spare themselves from injury. 

Here at Invalifts, we value the satisfaction of our clients, which is why we strive to provide the best services possible. From the installation of church lifts to servicing and maintenance to ensure your church lifts continue functioning normally. We have experience fitting lifts in various sectors, including churches and other religious buildings across the UK. You can find out more about some of the lifts we’ve fitted below:


Our Clients

Our church lift installation projects

  • Sheffield Cathedral Case Study | Invalifts

    Sheffield Cathedral

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    The client wanted to add accessibility for wheelchair users to the crypt. Invalifts identified that their Inva Stair Riser unit would be the right solution to deal with a flight of 6 steps.

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  • Trinity Church Lift | Invalifts

    Trinity Church

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    As a part of the refurbishment, a new lift was required to provide access to 3 different levels. A large Platform Lift was recommended and fitted. The ideal solution for Trinity Church, and has enabled accessibility for all users of the building.

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Wheelchair Lift for Church

The inclusion of a wheelchair lift for church is extremely beneficial for members of the congregation who struggle with mobility issues, as well as those with conditions that make ascending stairs difficult. Here at Invalifts, we offer a range of wheelchair lifts for church, as well as singular lifts, which will make your church accessible to all. Having a wheelchair lift for church is highly important. So, if you have concerns about accessibility in your church, give us a call today to start your journey with Invalifts. We can either organise an appointment with you or book a virtual meeting. 




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