Lift the value of your house by up to 25 percent

Did you know that a platform lift could raise the value of your home by up to 25%? As the UK’s population ages, there has been a rise in the number of people who are bucking the trend to downsize, and staying in their own house longer than ever before, with the help of a lift.

A platform lift allows the home owner to make the most of the upper levels of their property. Not only does the lift enable people with impaired mobility to access the upstairs, it also adds new capabilities for the other householders. The lift can provide an aid to day to day activities such as moving laundry, lifting heavy suitcases around, even moving the vacuum cleaner upstairs.

As well as providing a practical use, the lift can potentially be used as an architectural feature of the home. Platform lifts can be offered in range of different finishes and colours to complement the building, and the use of glass in the shaft can often be a feature in itself, adding further desirability to the home.

Even when the property owners decide to move on, the lift can really open up the property market, by adding appeal to both the elderly and the disabled. It demonstrates that the house has been future proofed, and can also be a huge benefit for people suffering from temporary incapacity, for example after an operation.

So, consider if your house could benefit from a platform lift, and talk to the experts at Invalifts to see how they can help you whilst increasing the value of your home.