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  • What is meant by an inclined platform lift?

    This refers to a wheelchair platform lift that does not travel vertically. This type of unit follows a gradient or a flight of steps. An example would be our Inva Stair Riser lift.

  • What does Part M compliant mean?

    The term Part M refers to a section of the Building Regulations in relation to minimum sizes of lifting platforms for disabled access.  

  • What is an open type platform lift?

    An open platform is a lifting platform that does not have a shaft around it. These types of unit are usually used for small level changes of up to 3M. Examples would be our Inva Low and Inva Flexi products

  • What does lift travel mean?

    Lift travel is the dimension that is needed in order to manufacture the lift. It is the measurement from the lowest finished floor level to the top floor landing. Ie the distance your feet would travel from getting on the lift to getting off.

  • What does headroom height mean?

    Headroom height refers to the amount of free height available at the top landing. It is measured from the top floor finished floor landing to the first vertical obstacle. 

  • I have been told all disabled access lifts are VAT free?

    This is not completely true, lifts in commercial environments usually attract VAT. Some lifts to charities are zero rated for VAT and lifts for the disabled and chronically sick are zero rated if provided to them for their own use in their own residence.

  • Can I get finance on a lift?

    If you are a Charity or commercial organisation then we are able to put you in touch with a leasing company that would be able to provide a no obligation quote.

  • Can I have a half height door at the top landing for an enclosed platform lift?

    If the overall travel of the lift is below 3M you can have a half height door at the top landing. Before choosing this option you should take into consideration the environment that the lift will be fitted into as there will be a potential fall hazard. If children will be in the vicinity of the top landing for instance then it would be unwise to fit a half height door.

  • What types of platform/stair/wheelchair lifts are there?

    Platform lifts come in various shapes and sizes. Depending on the intended use, there are different options for each. Wheelchair stair lifts, usually called inclined platform lifts, work using a platform following the shape and curve of the stairs. Alternatively, enclosed or open platform lifts, as well as cabin lifts typically involve a moving platform and control panel for the lift moving from one level to another.

  • How long does a platform/stair/wheelchair lift take to install?

    The time it takes to install a lift depends on which option has been chosen. Our fully qualified and experienced engineers can usually install a lift as quick as 1 day, but for more complex structures it can take a few more days. The planning and manufacturing process however can take a few weeks prior to the actual installation of the lift.

  • Is there still space to walk up the stairs?

    Yes, many wheelchair stair lifts allow you to fold up the chair part when it’s not in use, enabling plenty of room for people to walk up and down the stairs safely. A survey will be carried out to determine the size applicable for the stairs in question.

  • Can I have a platform/stair/wheelchair lift outdoors?

    Yes, there are outdoor platform, stair and wheelchair lift options which are weather resistant and suitable for outdoor environments.

  • Are there any platform/stair/wheelchair lift regulations?

    There are regulations when it comes to the implementation and installation of a lift. The regulations mostly come under the Building Regulations Act and the Disability Discrimination Act. All of our lifts comply with UK law.

  • Can I install a platform/stair/wheelchair myself?

    It is not recommended to install a platform, stair or wheelchair lift by yourself unless you have the correct training and knowledge to do so. It’s important that the lift is installed safely by a trained professional.

  • Can I get funding/financial assistance for a platform/stair/wheelchair lift?

    Yes, if you or someone in your property is disabled then you can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant which is a grant that helps towards the cost of adapting your home so that you can still live there, for example installing a platform lift.

  • How much does a stair lift cost to run? / Will my electricity bills increase?

    Installing and running a platform lift or stair lift sounds costly! However, once the lift is installed the running costs are relatively low due to our lifts being energy efficient. On average, depending on the amount the lift is used it costs under £10 a year to run.

  • How much does a platform/stair/wheelchair lift cost?

    There are many factors that can alter the price of a platform lift; the main two costs are the price of the lift and the price of the installation. Due to each of our lifts having bespoke requirements one price does not fit all – speak to one of our expert and friendly advisors on 0845 4682 543 to get a free quote!

  • Is there a battery backup in case of a power cut? / What happens if there is a power cut?

    Yes, all of our lifts are installed with a safety feature that lowers the lift back to the ground safely should there happen to be a power cut or an emergency.

  • What is your warranty policy?

    We offer a different warranty policy for each lift. Some lifts have a 12 month warranty policy whereas some are given a longer warranty on certain drive components; it all depends on the lift you choose. Speak to one of our friendly advisors to find out more!

  • I have a complicated staircase; will the stair lift still fit?

    Yes, our Inva StairRiser Wheelchair Stair Lift is a slim line inclined platform lift that can transport wheelchairs or a passenger up a straight of curved staircase. This lift is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, meaning it is perfect for those with a complicated staircase.

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