What does a platform lift cost?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on so many different factors. Buying a lift is a little like buying a new car as it involves identifying the model, adding options and then looking at the ongoing cost of ownership.

Costs are broadly split into 2 main factors – the cost of the lift itself, and the cost of the building works required for the lift.

The cost of the lift is affected by the following factors:

  1. Travel of the lift – this is the overall distance that the lift will travel between the bottom floor and the top floor landing. This affects price due to the height of the shaft required.
  2. Number of entrances – this affects price as doors and door frames cost more than plain shaft panels. They also require more labour to install for electrical and mechanical interlocking.
  3. Glazing – Having glazing in the shaft rather than plain solid panels increases the material cost of the lift.
  4. Automatic doors – Automatic powered doors have a higher material cost and a higher installation element.
  5. Fire rated doors – If the shaft requires fire rating then the doors will need to be either 30 minute or 1 hour fire rated. The manufacturing cost of these types of doors is more complex and hence a higher price.
  6. Non standard colours and sizes – As soon as you consider an item that is not standard to the product there would be an increase in price as the manufacturing cost will increase. For example paint booths would need to be set up for new colours etc.

The building requirements may turn an inexpensive lift unit into an expensive choice. The building factors to consider are:

  1. Size of pit that needs to be dug
  2. Size of hole that needs to be cut in the building
  3. Is a structural wall required
  4. Electrical requirements
  5. Is a lifting beam or scaffolding required for installation.

Once the lift has been installed the cost of ownership needs to be taken into consideration this includes the running cost, plus maintenance and repairs. Some lifts have a 12 month warranty whereas some are given longer warranty on specific drive components, thereby reducing the possible ongoing cost of ownership.

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