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Goods Lifts

The Inva Goods lift has a load capacity of up to 2000Kg and comes with the option of either manual single or double hinged swing landing doors and a manual picket gate to the car.

The Inva Goods lift is designed for use in buildings with a high turnover and movement of goods between floors such as shopping centres, warehouses and industrial units, with a load capacity of 1000Kg, 1500Kg or 2000Kg and a full range of lift car configurations available for each model. Every Goods lift is supplied and installed with its own freestanding modular structure, fully capable of bearing the weight of the whole installation. Inside the modular structure is an enclosed car equipped with a car operation panel.

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  • Standard Features
    • Rates load 1000Kg, 1500Kg, 2000Kg
    • Contact speed of 0.15m/s
    • Lift car built in steel plates finished in RAL 7032 Beige
    • Fluorescent lighting in the car
    • Single or open through configuration
    • Manual single or double hinged landing doors finished din epoxy painted steel RAL 9005 Black
    • Maximum height of travel 9000mm
    • Maximum number of entrances 4
    • Standard car height of 2000mm
    • Car width from 1000mm
    • Car depth from 1000mm
  • Optional Features
    • Attendant control for car
    • Manual folding shutter gates 2 hour fire resistance in accordance with BS EN1634-1
    • Car floor finishes in aluminium checker plate or steel checker plate
    • Car buffer rails in wood, Stainless steel or PVC
    • Car LED lighting
    • Voice synthesizer
    • 3” LCD vertical display
  • Media

Overview of the Goods Lift

Landing doors can be manual single or double hinged swing door with a vision panel, finished in epoxy painted steel RAL 9005 Black. There is also the option for a 2 hour fire resistant landing door. The car is enclosed with a manual picket gate. Cabin sizes start from 1000mm wide and can be increased in 100mm increments up to a maximum of 2000mm wide. The cabin depth also starts at 1000mm with 100mm increments up to 2000mm deep. The standard cabin height is 2000mm but can also be increase up to 2200mm.

The geared traction motor is housed in the upper section of the modular structure and only requires an additional 700mm above the car height. The inside of the lift cabin is finished with coated steel sheeting and is durable and hard wearing. Further car wall protection is available in the form of buffer rails and kick plates in wood, stainless teel and PVC. The car floor can also be finished in a choice of anti-slip rubber, aluminium checker plate or steel checker plate. The free standing modular structure incorporates a 100mm shaft pit requirement, for level loading of the car.


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