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Lift Maintenance Contracts

If you have a lift in your property, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your lift is safe to use. Professional lift maintenance contracts significantly reduce the chance of a lift breakdown and accompanying expensive lift repair costs. It is crucial that lift maintenance services are carried out regularly. All our lifts come with a one year maintenance contract as standard so if you encounter any problems we are here

For your total flexibility, we offer three different types of service contract to suit your exact needs. All contracts offer next day working day response for your convenience. Although our Basic service contract covers the essentials needed to keep your warranty up-to-date, we recommend you go for our Fully Comprehensive service contract to save you from any unexpected expenses should something go wrong.

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Basic service contract

Our basic service contract includes 2 visits per annum and includes lubricants and cleaning materials. However, all call outs and repairs are chargeable for both parts and labour unless covered by warranty.

Comprehensive service contract

Our comprehensive service contract includes 4 visits per annum and includes all parts and labour (excluding motor/gearbox/suspension chains). Work outside normal hours will be charged at the premium rate only.

Fully comprehensive service contract

Our fully comprehensive service contract includes 4 visits per annum and includes all parts and labour including motor/gearbox/suspension chains. Work outside normal hours will be charged at the premium rate only.

All contracts are ongoing, billed in advance at the start of each 12 month period, with a 3 month cancellation period by either party.

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Platform Lift Maintenance

Our platform lift maintenance contracts offer flexible options to suit your exact needs. We start with a basic service contract, which includes two visits and lubricants and cleaning materials. Our comprehensive lift maintenance contract offers four visits a year and a fully comprehensive service contract also includes all parts and labour.. We operate a 24-hour emergency UK call centre run by our experienced team. For more information, read our service brochure, or, alternatively, click here to make a quick enquiry about our platform lift maintenance contracts.




    Due to the number of technical specifications and installation regulations, only a qualified professional should install your platform lift. Here at Invalifts, our installation engineers have been implementing different types of lifts in public and private buildings for over 20 years. So you can rest assured that we know what we’re doing. 


    The frequency of maintenance your platform lifts need depends on the regularity of use. If your platform lift is in a busy building, such as a hospital, hotel, or airport, your lift will require six inspections a year. For less busy properties, two visitations each year should suffice. Maintenance is essential to maintain the optimal performance of your platform lift and keep those using it safe and is a legal requirement.


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