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External Lifts

An insulated weatherproof external enclosure to house the platform lift when space is an issue within a building.

Platform Lifts suitable for external use are usually water resistant and not waterproof, therefore their suitability for installation adjoining a building varies significantly dependant upon their usage.

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  • Units suitable for external use
    • MC2000 (with outer enclosure) – Up to 15000mm travel
    • InvaEuro – up to 6000mm travel
    • Inva LRH400 – up to 6000mm travel
    • Invalow – up to 1000mm travel
    • Inva Flexi lift – up to 3000mm travel
    • Invastep – up to 500mm travel
    • InvaStair Riser – for straight and curved staircases

  • MC2000 - Multi Floor External Lifts

    The availability of space in many multi-level buildings, especially schools, is becoming critical therefore the need to site a lift external to buildings is becoming more and more necessary. Waterproof platform lifts are not a product that appears to be easily available and, since the introduction of the ‘Insulation Regulations’, few, if any, lifts will meet the insulation criteria necessary under this legislation, should they be attached to a building. Wind loadings can also present a problem as most platform lifts are not designed to withstand wind loadings of around 40 metres per second.

    Invalifts have recognised a requirement for a product to assist clients with this particular problem and have worked in partnership with a structural engineering company to develop a solution.

    A steel structure, made from a substantial rectangular hollow section, is constructed and anchored into a concrete plinth, adjacent to the wall where the access into the building will be gained. The structure is also attached to the building and is then clad in an insulated micro rib Kingspan, or similar, in order to create a waterproof enclosure which is guaranteed for 5 years. A conventional high quality MC2000 Platform Lift is then installed within the structure.

    The outer enclosure comes in a choice of colours from the standard Kingspan range.

    The building works requirement for this system are minimal with the formation of the concrete plinth, and apertures through the wall, generally being the only significant works.

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