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Home Lift

Inva Home Lift

The Inva Home Lift is designed to be as much of a feature of your home as a functional Home LIFT.

Overview of the Inva Home Lift

With 8 different design walls and smart phone control of mood lighting you have the flexibility to make your home lift a reflection of you and your home. The 5 different size carriages range from 600mm wide X 830mm deep to 1100mm wide x 1400mm deep and allow you to blend your home lift into your personal environment. Lighting and mood is a key feature of the Inva home lift, by adjusting the ceiling and carriage lighting you can change the mood and look of your home lift all from your smart phone. The design wall also incorporates a unique SmartControl which has been specifically design to complement the design features of the Inva Home Lift.

Lift Designs

Instead of building on a old design, the Inva home lift has been created anew by renowned Swedish designer Alexander Lervik. Building the new design around glass and light gives the client the freedom to change the features of the home lift when ever the mood takes them.

The backlit acrylic design wall, which comes with the option of 8 exciting designs which included Diagonal and Oriental patterns as well as blended key West and Skyline designs make this home lift a real feature of any home. Added to that is the new and innovative Design lighting which is delivered in white and can be change from a smart phone through a range of different colours and light intensities, all depending on your home and your mood.

Lift montage

The unique Smart Control has been developed to be more user friendly and ergonomic than standard push buttons. The SmartControl comprises a stainless steel ring, which is turned to select a floor and then turned either clockwise or anti clockwise depending on your direction of travel.

A range of flooring options complement all of the different design walls and give an extra level of sophistication to this outstanding home lift. The side walls of the home lift can be specified in a range of glazed finishes and the supporting structure can also be finished in a  range of RAL colours, allowing almost an infinite number of variations on the unique home lift.

Choice of flooring

Lift Details

Standard Features

  • 250Kg or 400Kg depending on carriage size
    • 830mm wide X 600mm deep – Requiring a clear space of 910mm wide X 1011mm deep
    • 830mm wide X 1000mm deep – Requiring a clear space of 940mm wide x 1411mm deep
    • 830mm wide x 1100mm deep – Requiring a clear space of 940mm wide x 1511mm deep
    • 1200mm wide x 1000mm deep – Requiring a clear space of 1310mm wide X 1411mm deep
    • 1400mm wide X 1100mm deep – Requiring a clear space of 1510mmwide X 1511mm deep
  • Back Lit, hard coated and  scratch-resistant Acrylic design wall
  • SmartControl inset into the design wall
  • Bolon plain sand carriage flooring
  • Centre opening power landing doors
  • Structure finished in Traffic white (RAL 9016)

Lift Details

Optional Features

  • Range of 8 distinctive back light design walls
  • Tinted glazing to shaft wall and landing doors
  • Structure finished to any standard RAL colour
  • 5 Additional carriage flooring finishes
  • Landing door locking option