Evacuation Chair

Emergency Stairway Evacuation Chair

A wheeled chair suitable for use on a stairway in case of emergency.

Emergency Stairway Evacuation ChairOverview of the Emergency Stairway Evacuation Chair

We offer a range of chairs suitable for different sizes and weights, to allow safe descent down stairs without the need for carrying or heavy lifting. Our chairs are foldable and easy to stow when not in use.

Standard Features

  • Single person operation
  • Lightweight, quick and easy to use
  • Versatile - Use along corridors
  • Folds away - Ready to use in seconds
  • Wall mounted with dust cover

Are you aware of your obligations?

How will everyone escape?

As a person responsible for business premises you have an obligation to your staff and the people who use your building to ensure there are adequate fire precautions in place.

Have you planned your escape route?

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 a responsible person must carry out a Fire Risk Assessment on the building as part of the compliance and identify all appropriate escape routes for use in emergency.

Have you made sure people can escape safely, even at night if necessary?

This means having the correct safety equipment in place, ensuring all emergency exits are clearly identified and emergency lighting is installed to aid escape in the dark or during a power failure.

Does all your safety equipment work?

There is no point in having safety equipment if it is not in full working order. All equipment should be properly maintained and regularly checked and serviced by approved contractors.

Will people know what to do and how to use the equipment?

Ensure that all your members of staff are fully aware of the evacuation procedures and the designated people are fully trained on how to use the safety equipment. Refresher courses and practice sessions should be held on a regular basis.