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Scottish home gets a low rise platform lift

Located 12 miles east of Glasgow in North Lanarkshire, lies the Scottish town of Airdrie. The owners of a private house there, contacted Invalifts directly to ask for their advice on providing access to an external first floor steel platform. The client had problems walking up stairs, and was a little unsteady on their feet, so the lift was to enable free access in and out of their home.

After reviewing the site information, our lift consultant suggested the Inva Flexi 3 low rise open style platform lift with platform size of 900mm x 1400mm to facilitate the use of a wheelchair if required in the future.

After receiving approval from the client, the engineers at Invalifts worked closely with the designer of the steel platform to ensure that the design of the steel mountings corresponded with the fixing plate used for the Flexi 3 unit.

The client’s builder provided a concrete pad for the lift to be installed on, and a standard 240V 13A power supply was the only other requirement. The lift installer from Invalifts managed to complete the entire lift installation in just two days.

The unit itself was supplied in a contrasting black carriage with silver guide posts, whilst the bottom landing call button was positioned away from the unit on a convenient stair railing.

As the unit was external it was provided with radio isolation through keyfobs and a hard wearing chequer plate flooring. The lift comes as standard with battery backup for emergency lowering. The client also chose to include a basic service contract covering two service visits for the first 12 months of use.

The client was delighted with the new lift, commenting that ‘my mother and father-in-law are delighted.’

To find out more about the Inva Flexi 3 or other lift products, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts.

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