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M6000 Passenger Lift For The Glenlee Tall Ship

M6000 Passenger Lift on board Glenlee

Built in 1896 in Glasgow the Glenlee tall ship measured 282 feet in length and was 245 feet tall. The ship was used for 26 years as a cargo ship and then in 1922 she was used as a training ship for the Spanish Navy.

After her 47 years of service she fell into disrepair and was going to be scrapped until the Clyde Maritime Trust purchased her and brought her back to Glasgow to become the centre piece of a new museum.

Invalifts were asked to install a M6000 passenger lift that could carry visitors to all the decks of the ship. The issues that were faced were that a pit was out of the question and that the lift installation would have to be done in two parts as the ship was going to be moved during the refit.

Invalifts applied for a dispensation regarding the pit and were granted this due to the particular circumstances. The lift was then mounted on a steel plate that had been fitted between beams of the hull. Invalifts worked with the maritime surveyors and engineers to ensure that the integrity of the ship was not compromised in the process.

It was a pleasure for Invalifts to be part of such a success story for this important part of naval history.

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