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Invalifts help the Cheeky Monkeys Lift Off

Cheeky Monkeys Lift

Invalifts were recently approached by a local children’s nursery owner. She already had a local thriving nursery in Nuneaton and was expanding the business with the purchase of an industrial unit. The unit was based on one of the local leading trading estates and needed to be completely fitted out in order to make it into a play centre and nursery.

Unfortunately, the owner had been let down by another lift company, who had promised installation in time for the centre opening, and now couldn’t make the deadline. Invalifts were then contacted, and following the site survey, they managed to have the lift unit manufactured and installed in time for the grand opening. The on site installation was completed in just two days.

The MC2000 platform lift unit was a perfect fit for the new nursery, as it is entirely self supporting, and comes complete with it’s own shaft structure. This meant that the client just needed an opening in the first floor mezzanine for the lift to be installed through. As the property had a full structural concrete floor the client elected to have a ramp at the lower level so that they did not need to excavate the normal 60mm pit.

This lift was for disabled access and so our standard unit with a 1120mm x 1480mm platform was used, requiring a space of 1280mm x 1590mm to be installed. The unit was provided in a white finish with glazed doors with an intercom on the unit and the receiver unit positioned at the manned reception area in the case of emergencies.

If you would like to know more about the MC2000 Platform Lift or receive a no obligation quotation please visit the website or phone 0845 4682543.

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