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Historical School gets Modern Lift

Exterior platform lift installed at a historical school

In the late 1800`s George Cadbury of Cadbury Chocolate, had a vision of how to join the worlds of industry with that of social and home life. After the Cadbury Chocolate factory moved to a rural area just outside Birmingham, he embarked on the development of Bournville Village. They constructed houses for the workers, shops, parks and schools, including Bournville junior school which was founded in 1906 and has been successfully educating the children of the area for the past century.

This year, the school wanted to provide disability access to a section of the school that had a flight of 9 steps. Invalifts were contacted and after consultation, they suggested a possible solution with their Inva Stair Riser, an inclined platform lift. The unit was specified with a 90 degree curved rail at the lower level to enable it to park without causing an obstruction.

The 1000mm x 800mm platform lift offers entry and exit from the short side of the unit and has a 300Kg capacity. The school chose to have the unit and the stanchion posts finished in a black powder coating. The lift has a full external specification and stainless steel guide rails along with a protective cover for when not in use. Wireless upper and lower level call stations were provided as part of the installation, allowing them to be positioned in the most convenient locations.

The installation of the unit only took 1 day and required minimal builders work, with just an electrical supply and 5 concrete pads for the lower stanchions that were mounted into the existing tarmac floor.

If you would like to know more about the Inva Stair Riser or receive a no obligation quotation please visit the website or phone 0845 4682543.

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