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Historic Edinburgh Uplift

Cannonball House

Cannonball House positioned as the last building on Edinburgh`s Royal Mile before you reach the castle was erected in the 17th century. The building takes its name from a cannonball embedded in the wall. During part of the 20th century it was used as a school and still retains some of the design elements from those days.

The current owners of the building have instigated a major modernisation project to form a 4 level restaurant. 

Invalifts were brought in to provide a disabled access product to serve the 4 levels. It was decided to use the MC2000 platform lift in a fire rated shaft. The lift was supplied with fire doors and the main building contractor then fire boarded around the shaft enclosure. As the lift was going to be used by the general public an auto dialler was installed in case of emergency. Due to the arrangement of the levels the lift had to have an open adjacent arrangement with 2 doors on one side and 2 doors on the adjacent side.

The lift is now helping people get to the lovely top level restaurant with its wonderful views of Edinburgh castle.


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