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A Lift Adds Value to your Building

“One of the major problems facing many multi-storey tenanted or owner occupier buildings is the lack of powered access. In many instances a conventional lift cannot be installed simply because of lack of space. However a simple answer is now at hand thanks to a totally new small footprint concept with the emphasis on space and economy,” says Neil Davies of Invalifts Ltd.

“Designers of many, many existing buildings, some built only 40 years ago, did not include a conventional lift, just stairs. Discussions with specialist architects and specifiers involved with refurbishment and renovation followed by a great deal of research led us to what we believe is the answer – a powered lift small enough to be easily be installed in existing stairwells and atriums.

“Most buildings have some sort of vertical aperture, usually in the stairwell, and with this in mind the M6000 will fit into spaces where a traditional size lift cannot. We can provide a lift with a footprint size as small as 750mm by 1000mm and because the model is provided complete with its own self supporting shaft it can fit into a space just 30mm bigger. The lift can travel up to a height of 24 metres and serve up to eight levels, with either an open front only or open through configuration.

“In all there are 120 shaft sizes available to meet every space requirement with the largest being 1750mm by 1300mm or 2160mm by 1000mm. The model carries a maximum load of 675kg and travels at 0.3m per second in complete safety. It is conventionally built to EN81 standards,” he added.

The M6000 is a guided chain driven lift complete with its own self supporting enclosure, which can be provided with either steel or glazed panels, or a combination of both. The hoisting machinery generates very little heat so no aircon equipment is required. Building works and costs are kept to an absolute minimum as it has been designed primarily for ease of installation and the unit only requires a 1000mm deep pit, a small area to house the controller, and a vertical aperture through the building. A power supply with a capacity of only 16 amps is required and there is not even a need for a lifting beam. Reduced top and bottom clearances are available subject to Notified Body/DTI approval.

Automatic lamellar centre opening aluminium doors, which slide out of sight when open, are fitted as standard on the lift car. A number of interior finishes and designs are available for the ceiling, walls, floor and doors of the car with options including a handrail and door handles in stainless steel or wood finishes a fold up seat and glazing or mirrors on lift car walls. A fully glazed shaft provides a most aesthetic finish to any building.

The car operation panel includes an LED display and tactile buttons and Braille is available as an option.

“There is a minimum impact on the existing building and a higher return on investment because the value of a building can rise by up to 20 per cent following the installation of a lift,” concluded Mr Davies.

Invalifts also supplies the high quality MC2000 platform lift which can reach up to 13 metres and serve six floor levels.  The company, which has just been successful in becoming accredited for both ISO 9001.2000 and the Lift Regulations, is an inaugural member of the UK Platform and Stairlift Association. Visit the Invalifts website at

Invalifts, which has a multi-million pound turnover, was founded six years ago and is owned by Neil Davies and Derrick Beck who between them have over 60 years’ experience with all types of lifts and have worked at senior management level in some of the world’s largest lift companies

Installations run to many hundreds of platform lifts in schools, libraries, churches, retirement homes, commercial establishments, shopping malls and leisure centres, and the organisation has even installed one unit on a double-decker bus. Installation time is usually just six to eight weeks from the placement of the order to completion. Invalifts has a staff of 8 people plus six teams of installation engineers.

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