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The Advantages of a Home Lift: future-proofing, functionality, and practicality

As daily life evolves, the installation of a lift can make a home truly future proof every step of the way. From aiding mobility to enhancing the value of a property, a home lift is truly a worthy investment. Lifts are no longer a luxury reserved for businesses; a lift can easily slot into a home, maximising space whilst still looking stylish due to Invalifts’ extensive range of personalisation options.

Families will certainly consider a home lift a welcome addition as it can vastly improve the safety of a home for people of all ages. Every year, more than 4,200 children are involved in falls on the stairs. Older people are also at risk of stair- related injury with many of the most serious accidents occurring on the stairs. This means that a home lift can become an essential accident-prevention measure, creating an extra level of safety and security by reducing the chance of falling.

A home lift can create a comfortable environment that accommodates the needs of a variety of people, ensuring ease of transport by eliminating mobility barriers and therefore establishing better quality of life for all. For wheelchair users and people with limited mobility, a lift can offer an all-important level of accessibility and the priceless independence that comes with this. Moreover, a safe mode of transport between floors that means that elderly people will be granted a degree of mobility and ease that can allow them to stay in their home for as long as possible, making a lift a desirable investment for those thinking ahead. 

Aside from the obvious benefits in terms of accessibility, lifts are incredibly versatile and have many practical applications in daily life. A home lift can eliminate the tiresome act of traversing the stairs when moving cumbersome objects between floors. From large tasks such as rearranging the furniture, to assisting with seemingly minor inconveniences such as transporting the vacuum cleaner upstairs or carrying the groceries, lifts have many unexpected and useful applications that can alleviate unnecessary stress. Ultimately, the installation of a home lift helps to save precious time and make life easier.

The benefits of installing a lift can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone and extend beyond the evident short-term benefits; it is also a long-term investment and will continue to be of value in the distant future. When selling a property, a home lift adds a lot of desirability as marketing towards buyers who are looking for ease of access and future security will add a significant amount of value. In terms of future proofing, a lift will have a continued importance to both yourself and future residents as an exciting and practical home addition as well as a key selling point when eventually moving on.

Written by Taylor Gill for Invalifts Limited

Taylor Gill graduated in 2018 from Greenwich University with a first class degree in English Literature.

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