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Q. What is a platform lift?

A. A moving platform that does not travel at any speed above 0.15m/s. Platform lifts are regulated under the Machinery Directive and not the Lift Directive. They usually have no cabin walls and operate from a constant pressure button on the platform console. Designed primarily for disability access but can be used in a number of wide ranging applications. An example would be our MC2000 platform lift

Q. What is meant by an inclined platform lift?

A.  This refers to a wheelchair platform lift that does not travel vertically. This type of unit follows a gradient or a flight of steps. An example would be our Inva Stair Riser lift.

Q. What does Part M compliant mean?

A.  The term Part M refers to a section of the Building Regulations in relation to minimum sizes of lifting platforms for disabled access.  

Q. What is an open type platform lift?

A.  An open platform is a lifting platform that does not have a shaft around it. These types of unit are usually used for small level changes of up to 3M. Examples would be our Inva Low and Inva Flexi products

Q. What does lift travel mean?

A.  Lift travel is the dimension that is needed in order to manufacture the lift. It is the measurement from the lowest finished floor level to the top floor landing. Ie the distance your feet would travel from getting on the lift to getting off.

Q. What does headroom height mean?

A.  Headroom height refers to the amount of free height available at the top landing. It is measured from the top floor finished floor landing to the first vertical obstacle. 

Q. What is a passenger lift?

A.   A passenger lift is a term used to define that the Lift Regulations apply. It will  mean that the lift car is fully enclosed and travels at a higher speed than that of a platform lift (usually 0.6m/s). There are stringent rules regarding pit requirements and headroom height. An example would be our M6000 passenger lift.

Q. I have been told all disabled access lifts are VAT free?

A.  This is not completely true, lifts in commercial environments usually attract VAT. Some lifts to charities are zero rated for VAT and lifts for the disabled and chronically sick are zero rated if provided to them for their own use in their own residence.

Q. Can I get finance on a lift?

A.  If you are a Charity or commercial organisation then we are able to put you in touch with a leasing company that would be able to provide a no obligation quote.

Q. Can I have a half height door at the top landing for an enclosed platform lift?

A.  If the overall travel of the lift is below 3M you can have a half height door at the top landing. Before choosing this option you should take into consideration the environment that the lift will be fitted into as there will be a potential fall hazard. If children will be in the vicinity of the top landing for instance then it would be unwise to fit a half height door.

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About Invalifts

We are a UK based company who specialise in the provision and installation of inclined and vertical platform lifts in both public and domestic environments. We have solutions available which can be used for both internal and external use, together with ones that are able to transport both people and goods.

We are lift specialists with many years experience installing wheel chair and vertical platform lifts for the UK, and are committed to delivering top class products and services to all of our Customers. Our most popular products are the MC2000 platform lift, the M6000LS cabin platform lift and the InvaStair-Riser, our elegant, slim-line wheelchair stair lift.

All of our products are designed to comply with the relevant UK and EC Directives, and are ideal for installation in all environments, including domestic and public. We regularly install units in schools, retail outlets, churches, libraries, offices, care homes, hospitals etc.

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